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Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation (BPM).

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In today’s changing global marketplace, every business must be unique, effective and swift. To stay ahead of competitors, you must provide bigger and better products and services; however, customers also expect these improved products and services to be faster and to come at a lower cost. Automated business processes are the solution to this challenge.

We have extensive experience building enterprise applications, and we can help your company to navigate the sea of tools on the market to automate the different parts of an organization, and help you to evaluate the best options based on your organization’s needs.

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Technology Evaluation

Our team can help to develop and implement an IT Master Plan that defines and improves IT and system architecture to meet the needs of any forward-looking business. We can help to develop plans for small businesses and huge enterprises alike. From the beginning of the project, our team will understand all your business’s requirements and performance targets for the upcoming years—and once this step is complete, we will use this information to start the process to create the IT Master Plan that is the best fit for you. The master plan includes the following services:

- Requirement gathering and identification
- IT architecture overview and planning
- Software tradeoff analysis
- List of enterprise software vendors
- Functional and non-functional requirements
- Software utility tree to prioritize the requirements
- Prepare an RFI for each vendor
- On-site demonstrations, evaluation and scoring
- Legal compliance evaluation
- RFP response analysis
- Contact review and price negotiation
- Development and implementation plan (including the partners selected)
- Implementation oversight (compliance matrix elaboration)

Automation Project Management

DevsWeek senior specialists have worked with leading organizations in implementing business processes. We will establish a best practices-based process framework to guide the execution of your project while maintaining the documentation and analysis that allow for recognition of the various risks that may affect the success of the project. Our team will provide the following services:

- Project information library
- Project control document
- Project status report, issue log and risk log
- Executive Steering Committee
- Design change requests
- Project change requests
- Risk assessment

Automation Project Execution

DevsWeek can help to set up the correct team and process to execute your automatization project plan. With the master plan on hand, we will start work to assign the best-suited professionals to execute all the requirements to ensure a successful and on-time project.

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