About us

About DevsWeek

DevsWeek was founded with the simple idea of helping other businesses to reach their digital transformation.
Our company

We’re building a new software and IT boutique to help companies to reach their goals.

12Years’ Experience in Software Projects

We embraced open-source software and love utilizing the latest technologies. Our full-service development consists of all the resources required to plan, build, and maintain high-performance technology, from UX/UI design to frontend and backend development, and on through to infrastructure management.



Predictable Quality

To increase quality, our process incorporates a practice that guarantees to align the expected quality attributes for your project or product. Prioritizing the system’s and process’ most important quality attributes goals is in our DNA. For this reason, our team will be working continually during the project to align the different stakeholders’ scenarios with the quality expected.

Adoption of New Technologies

To increase productivity and provide project cost reduction to our customers, we are continually investing in training new technologies. Our focus is always on targeting cloud-native architecture, security, test automation and DevOps practice to increase the speed of each part of the process.

Architecture as a vehicle for communication among stakeholders

The philosophy of DevsWeek is architecture-centric, which is why our projects use a combination of different architecture views to improve communication with all the stakeholders that can participate in complex software project.
Our Vision
“We are passionate about solving software development, software product design and software deployment challenges, no matter the complexity or the timeline. We will do the impossible to help to complete your project.”
Gerardo Hernandez,
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Accurate Project Reporting

Our team will elaborate different levels of reporting to evaluate the status of the project and, based on the data, call attention to any potential risk. Based on the complexity of the project, our team will use project management tools, software development tools and any additional tool that is helpful in obtaining a snapshot of the project at any given moment.

Commitment to Agile Development Methodologies

We established a set of management and technology practices that allows us to release new application versions every development cycle (2–3 weeks). We are able to achieve this due to an iterative approach to development, resorting to agile project management practices, and relying on cloud-native architectures and modern approaches to infrastructure management.

Own the Outcome

No excuses. We strongly believe that your success is our reputation. That is why we take commitments seriously, and we strive for the highest quality in usability, design and engineering.


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