Custom Development Software

Custom Development Software

Custom Development Software.

Custom software development is the process of designing, building, integrating, scaling, and upgrading software solutions to address the pressing needs or to achieve the objectives of your business.

DevsWeek combines agile/test-driven engineering practices with the proper alignment of quality attributes to reduce development time, lower project development costs and ensure product alignment with business goals. Whether your company requires a turnkey outsourced solution or augmentation of your in-house development team, we can help.

Preparing for your success,
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Research & Discovery

We love listening to a client’s product vision and collaborating to discuss how it can be made a reality. This is when we learn about your goals, talk about challenges and opportunities, and work with you on an initial feature list.

Requirement Analysis and Technical Analysis

Work with our Product Development Team to collect all the requirement documentation and use different methods to develop the concept of your idea. Our team uses different tools to interact with the different stakeholders to make sure that all clients’ expectations are documented with great detail. After we collect the High-Level Requirements, our senior technical team evaluates the requirement to raise any major technical risks that should be considered before starting implementation. At this stage, our team can collaborate with your team to create the best Software Development Plan and Implementation Plan.

Rapid Prototyping

We can build fast prototypes of your concept, helping you to validate the different important aspects of your idea. Depending on the complexity, we can deliver a prototype in between one and four months.

System Architecture and Solution Design

We can create a new—or evaluate an existing—architecture based in your business goals. Our team can use different methods to evaluate your system architecture, from a holistic approach based on scenarios to a formal evaluation method such as ATAM. We offer three types of evaluation:
- Evaluate your architecture before starting the project
- Evaluate your architecture at the end
- A dedicated software architect for your software team. Having an architect evaluating the design of your code will help to minimize the design decisions that affect the quality attributes that, in turn, affect your business goals.

Software Development and Testing

Our multifunctional team can develop and test different types of applications. We prefer agile development as per defined milestones. Daily development and progress information is reported through regular team meetings.

Deployment Implementation

We can work with your development team to design the deployment process of your product and build all the infrastructure to automate the entire process.

Build Internal Tools

Our team is prepared to help you to create internal tools to improve your processes and solve internal problems as early as possible. We can approach the development of these tools using a clean development process, or we can also use different platforms that help accelerate the process.

How we works

Our Development Process

06 Steps

Our core team has the best experience working in an agile environment. At the beginning of each project, we will work to define the best adaptations of our process that we can offer based in your needs.
  • 1901
    Business team discussing ideas for startup
    - Project document review
    - Create a high-level estimation with our senior technical experts
  • 2020
    Business team brainstorming and discussing startup project
    Requirement Analysis
    - Create high-level requirements and technical requirements
    - Create an initial use flow
    - Create the statement of work
  • 2020
    Architecture and Design
    - Create a detailed software architecture document
    - Develop an integration plan
    - Create a prototype (only if required) or wireframes
  • 2020
    Asset 3
    - Create user stories or technical Requirements
    - The Software Development Team starts to deliver increments
    - Validate and test the user stories and technical requirements with our Quality Assurance Team
    - Ongoing testing and validation of the implementation
  • 2020
    Checklist or survey concept
    - Verification of fixed bugs
    - Regression testing
    - Elaborate documentation
  • 2020
    Asset 3
    - Deployment of the solution in the production environment
    - Acceptance testing
    - Compliance testing
    - Deliverables check
    - Final test results reporting

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