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Build an automated pipeline that brings your product to market faster with our DevOps services. Our team can bring different strategies to your organization that help to improve your product’s development speed, QA process and time to market. In each organization, DevOps automates processes to increase efficiency and ramps up testing to quickly identify and correct problematic issues through constant iteration. A well-implemented DevOps pipeline can transform the way your organization gets work done, yielding far-reaching benefits for your business.
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Development Environments

We have vast experience in setting up robust infrastructures and development environments for development teams, projects, and clients of all sizes and complexities. We have the tried-and-true expertise that you need to get the job—any job—done right. Our team can support the design of your Dev Workflows, automate your deployment, and help your developer stay focused. Make your developers and Quality Assurance Team happier by allowing them to concentrate on what they love most—writing code and making features.

Production Environments

We have the expertise to provide production environments from scratch or take over and maintain legacy production environments. Our team will outline the best solution and identify your production environment’s principal requirements. With this information we will prepare a proposal to guarantee all the performance targets that you define for the project.

Continuous Integration

We provide and maintain CI (Continuous Integration) solutions for your team or projects. By helping you build artifacts, run and report tests, and calculate and test code coverage—among other quality checks—our CI process can improve your code quality and maintainability for the whole project. Depending on your project or team size, you will require different services:

- Source code repository
- Code quality
- Automate the build source code
- Code coverage analysis
- Build artifacts
- Real-time notifications
- Run your code against multiple linters

Continuous Delivery and Deployment

If you already use Continuous Integration (CI), then the next step is Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CD). Continuous Delivery will take your tested code and deploy it to your pre-production/staging or any other environment of your choice, so you can verify how any new features and changes are working against the non-production DB. The deployment process is triggered by different strategies that our team can implement based on the control you wish to have. We can help design the process to guarantee a safe way to optimize your product’s time to market. DevsWeek is the perfect partner to take over the process and will help speed up your internal development and QA process before going to production.

Performance Optimization & Stress Testing

We optimize your systems and stress-test your infrastructure to gain maximum performance and overcome. Our methodology mirrors the real behavior of a typical user of your system, and our practice includes the definition of the performance targets for each part of the system. It is important to understand the different stakeholders of the system in order to define the correct performance target and not expend extra resources.


We can offer different packages of DevOps services based on your needs, whether you have an ongoing project or your company wants to outsource all the effort to maintain your infrastructure and process.

20 hours / month*: $2,000
40 hours / month*: $3,800

(*) Three-month minimum contract

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